How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets White & Yellow

Painting your kitchen cabinets can do a lot to update the look of your kitchen. Many people select to paint them in its place. It's a economical way to make a impressive difference. Many homeowners prefer white and black kitchen color scheme for their kitchen cabinets. Below is some point regarding kitchen cabinets paints I hope that will help you.

1) Pick the shades of white and yellow you would like. Yellows collection from light to bold and whites from buttery to bright. Collect plastic, paintbrushes, painter's tape and head to the kitchen.

2) Put down the plastic under the kitchen cabinets that are going to be paint. This will shield the floor and surfaces below. Use painter's tape for cabinets edges and areas you do not want to paint. Make a decision that which color you want as the primary color, and which as the accent. Do you want white kitchen cabinets with yellow accents or yellow kitchen cabinets with white accents? Open and stir the main color.

3) Apply the main color to the main parts of the cabinet. Make a use of the accent color on trim and hardware. Use small size brush for narrow areas and medium size brush for larger surface areas. Take your time to avoid drips, runs, smears and mistakes. Soft hair brushes work the best to affect paint smoothly. Once the primary color has been done to all of the kitchen cabinets to be painted let dry.

4) Paint the cabinets using the accent color in the areas that are not roofed by the main color. Hardware, edges and trim should all be painted using the accent color. A trim can be created on cabinets that have none by using the painter's tape one to two inches in from all edges. Calculate it carefully, apply the tape and paint the outer border for a trim look using the accent color.

5) Carefully take away the painter's tape. Clean up, wash the brushes well so that you can keep them for use on your next project. Save available paint for future touch ups if required. All that's left is to take care of the plastic. Step back and take a look. Once the paint is dry, your kitchen cabinets are usable again. It's best to give them 24 hours.

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